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The initiative, as planned, will target three major consumers.

Although this organization majorly focuses on the B2C model, UNS Digital Technologies intends to deal with other businesses using the B2B Model. The initiative, as planned, will target three major consumers.

1. Households
All good things start at home, and our primary buyers are homes that seek healthier lifestyles. Currently, most vegetables and fruits bought come from far and beyond - making them lose their nutritional value. Our hydroponic container farms are set up in local communities and regions to reach homes faster and healthier.
Households are the primary market for these hydroponic crops. The company plans to offer its grown exotic veggies directly to end users via the UNS app. People can place orders and pay for organic products to be delivered to them.

2. Supermarkets
These exotic fruits and vegetables can also be provided directly to supermarkets, where they will be indirectly available to the general public. This can be viewed as an alternative to online shopping, where people can go to supermarkets and buy these products after checking the quality of the items.

3. Overseas market
As there is a global demand for hydroponic crops, the organization is aiming for overseas markets by increasing the production of crops. The market of exotic vegetables is not just limited to India but also in other parts of the world.
The company is increasing the number of hydroponic farming units to boost the production of these crops. The team intends to expand internationally by engaging with international clients and selling their agricultural products.